1. Final Report

    For my work experience this year I decided to follow through on my health and fitness idea from the body project as I really enjoyed the subject and already had the contacts. I choose to do a yoga shoot. 

    First I started off with some ideas; the first one being taking photo’s for my aunties website as she creates ceramics, I contacted her but she didn’t need any photo’s. My second idea was to contact a magazine and find some work experience with them. 

    I firstly emailed a yoga instructor I used for my body project as I knew her well and she is always happy to work with me. After sending and receiving a few emails we set up a good time and date for me to come along to one of her classes to photograph. She wanted photo’s for her website as she had just moved into a new studio which looked very attractive and calming for her students. I wanted to get some pictures that were attractive and that could draw the customers in from the website. 

    The skills I used for this shoot were skills of consideration for other people as I was in their personal space and I had to respect that and blend into the background. I had to use patience and creative skills to try and get the best photo using the best light and composition. 

    From working with Lucy and knowing more about the yoga world it has interested me a lot and on a personal level got me into yoga myself! I know this is something I enjoy and would like to be part of in the future. I have always enjoyed working for other people, to better their businesses or just to help them out visually in some way. 

    I know now that I would like to work for a health and fitness magazine for women as that is something I would really enjoy and have a great passion for. I like to photograph people and take portraits, I like knowing that I can sit someone down and they can tell me their story and for that emotion to come through in the images. 

    I’d like to think that in the yoga photo’s the people looked relaxed and looked like they were happy and enjoying their evenings. This is something important for Lucy as she is advertising her business and I am representing her clients. 

    Unfortunately this was the only work experience I was able to attain. I wrote emails to lots of health and fitness magazines but none replied and the one’s that did were fully booked or weren’t interested. 

    I am very disappointed that I didn’t get more opportunities to show my talents and skills as I have a lot to offer and I have constantly been emailing companies and people that I share passion with to do work experience for. But maybe I was too late and they already had people.

    Overall I really enjoyed this experience and I think I learnt a lot about being around people and I also learnt which was the best camera and equipment to use when photographing people. I learnt how important it is to stick to a brief when working for someone else. I also learnt that it’s better to be more prepared when thinking about work experience as nobody likes to be bothered last minute. If I was more prepared and had a better plan I would of found something better and more out of my comfort zone. I hope to find some work over summer and push myself out of my boundaries.  


  3. Work Experience

    I wrote to GoodFood magazine so see if they could offer me any work experience. I hoped to see a reply soon.


    I’m Megan, I am a third year student at the university of Portsmouth studying photography, one of my passions growing up as a child was to take photo’s of anything and everything, but I feel my passion has moved more towards food now, I take photo’s of everything I eat and love creating meals and arranging food so it looks photographically good. I have included my instagram account where I upload most of my food photo’s. 

    I have seen your magazine and noticed how the food always looks amazing, and the job I want for the future is to be a food photographer. I am so passionate and love anything to do with food. The reason I am writing to you today is because I have had a work experience unit on my course and would love to work with you for as much time as you can give me, any experience would be gratefully appreciated. I hope you can consider my request. 

    I look forward to seeing your reply. 

    kind Regards


  4. These are my photo’s from Lucy’s yoga class on tuesday night. I took about 150 and picked 12 that I really liked. The photo’s are intended to go on her website as she has just moved into a new space, which is needed to be shown on the website. 

    I found the shoot challenging as there were a lot of people and I had to find the right angle to shoot at so it would look good, and I had to make sure everyone looked the same, and in line, to look ascetically pleasing. I wanted to capture the energy and mood of the class as it was very peaceful and relaxing. 

    The second thing I struggled with was the lighting, at first it was okay because it was bright outside, as time went by it got darker and my camera struggled to keep things sharp as the light faded away.

    Overall I really enjoyed myself and got chatting to one of the members afterwards, he asked if I wanted to take some photo’s of his swing dance class he runs weekly, which I said yes to. So that will be my next shoot.  

  6. Emails to magazines and photographers. 


  7. Update of work experience.

    So far I have contacted two people I have worked with before to see if they could give me any small jobs. I have already worked with both of these people so I thought it would be an easy way to get some work. 

    My email

    Hi Tom, How is everything with you? It’s that time again where I need to find work experience! I was wondering if there is anything, events coming up that you may need an assistant for? It would be great to gain a bit of experience in wedding photography! Let me know if anything comes up, thanks. Megan x

    Tom's email

    Hi Meg,

    I have a few weddings over the next couple of months, but they are already lined up with my usual wedding assistant, but I might have a couple of other jobs coming in that you could help out on if you want?

    I’m shooting some promo and EP artwork for a musician next week if you would like to help on that, but it is a sunrise shoot so its going to be around a 6am start? It won’t be anything too taxing. Reflector holding, carrying my camera bag, changing memory cards, lenses etc. Also you could maybe shoot some behind the scenes shots as that would be quite cool.

    Let me know, no problem if you can’t, but I’ll be sure to drop you a msg if anything else comes in

    Tom x

    My email

    Hi Lucy,

    Hope everything is good with you. An I hope you liked the pictures I used in my magazine if you saw the pictures I put up. I was very happy with the result. Thanks for you help! I’ve noticed you have set up a new yoga studio on Albert Road? I have walked past a few times, it looks very good. The reason I am writing to you is we have to find some work experience for our current project and as I haven’t found any yet I was wondering if I could come and sit in, in one of your classes and take some photo’s, maybe for you website? I’d love to help out in any way Let me know if this sounds like a good idea for you.

    Megan x

    Lucy's email

    Hi Megan, yes the photos were great - thought I’d left a comment on your post. Photos for the website would be great - when do you need to complete it by? Lx


  8. Update!

    Thought I’d update my blog. I am approaching the end of my second year at Portsmouth university, and it’s that time again where I have to find some work experience. Which is very exciting! I have had some thoughts of what I might want to do. 

    Firstly I have thought about working for a magazine as I quiet enjoyed creating my own magazine for “The Body” project. I enjoyed writing, taking the pictures and spending hours on the layout of it all, adjusting until it was perfect! I am thinking of emailing a few mind, soul, body sort of magazines like Psychologies, Natural health, Healthy you etc. I’m really into that stuff and like reading about it, so working for a magazine that is also into healthy living would be really good, and I would find it interesting. I’d like to work for anything to do with health and fitness.

    My second idea is.. My auntie creates ceramics and they look really great, I could ask her if she wants any photo’s for her website and to promote her work. I realise that this sort of project wouldn’t be very adventurous and it would be very safe. But at the same time would be nice for her and some experience of working with still life for me.

    I would like to find something challenging. And if I really can’t find any companies to work with I will create a self led project and challenge myself. I am thinking of doing a short film, like I did in college but this time using a really good camera and making it 10 times better, as the one I did in college was contextually good but the picture quality was awful and really disappointing. 

    I will update you with any progress that I make over the next few weeks. 

    This is my auntie’s ceramics business. image


  9. Evaluation of Exhibition

    During the time working in a group to set up this exhibition I have learnt so much, I learnt that I can work in a group well, and everyone’s opinions are all valid. I have learnt that by working in a group we can get great things done together. I have also learnt that sometimes it’s best to listen to others, and other times its good to speak up. I felt that my group listened to me when I had something to say and equally I returned that favour. Of course we all had our up and down days but in the end we all pulled together and worked hard to create a great night.

    My role in the group was social networking; Tumblr, I updated regularly after group meetings and after events. But after a while I wasn’t sure what needed to be put on the site, so in result of that I got pulled off that area and put on the invites and promo team, where I printed off the invites and bought envelopes for group members to send off to family and friends. I also bought the comments book and was in charge of all the cake making and selling.

    Apprehension grew as we got closer to the big day! I was feeling nervous, yet at the same time excited. As I knew all the hard work and progress was going to pay off on this one special evening! I hoped that a lot of people would show up and they would be impressed and everyone’s work would look great!! 

    So the big day arrived and as predicted everyone was very stressed, trying to get everything perfect with the amount of time we had. We started early so we had all day to set up, which was a good idea. Apart from a few minor arguments about boards and if we had enough etc, everyone got on well and professionally, and the boys got on with transferring the boards from Eldon to the guildhall. After that we had the boards outside where we sanded them down and painted them. While waiting for them to dry I did a few errands and went out to get blue tack, a donation box, and some pens for the comments book! I got all that for under £6 from Wilkinson’s. When the boards were dry we took them upstairs one by one, and started to set them up. It took a while but we managed to get it all done with lots of time to spare. After a quick lunch break we all went back to start hanging our work up, we had fish wire to hang the photo’s up as we couldn’t make holes in the boards as we were borrowing them. So we had to hook the fish wire at the top and put it through the built on hooks on the back of the frames. Scott helped me do mine which was great because I was to short to do it myself. When my work was hung up I stuck the corners down with blue tack to make it all straight. 

    After setting up and finishing everyone had to go home to get changed and eat. It was a really busy rushed day and most people didn’t get a chance to do anything other than to get changed! 

    We all came back for 5/6 o’clock. When I got there at 6, there were a lot of people and the place was buzzing, Amba was singing some lovely songs and the atmosphere was amazing. At that moment I realised that all the hard work and effort gone into preparing for this and fundraising really paid off. I was so happy to see peoples support. People were very generous at our fund-raising events which helped loads. We had enough money to put behind the bar and everyone had a glass of wine to celebrate the evening. 

    At about 8:45 the exhibition died down a lot so at 9pm we started to take our work down and pack up because we had to be out of the guildhall by 10pm and have everything packed up and gone by that time. I thought it was going to be a bit stressful and everyone would rush but actually it went really well and we got it taken down really fast with the extra help of a few guys. 

    And I was very lucky that my housemates took my work back home because a few of us wanted to go and see the other groups work.  Unfortunately, The Tenth Edge finished at 9, but Clique was still open till 11, so we went over there to see their work, which was great!  

    I think this experience was really great, I throughly enjoyed it and it was great achieving it, because at the start it seemed like such a big task, it was very overwhelming, but we all managed to pull it off and I am very proud and happy. 

  10. happiness at the end of the night..